Kaci,on the right, (formerly spelled Casey) is a five year old Golden who was neglected by her former family. She had some pretty severe ear problems and was overweight. With the great fostering of the Glinski family, she started to overcome her many fears and we could see the potential for a wonderful addition to our family. Our own Golden, Scully, is a nine year old male who is very good with other dogs, especially younger ones. He pretty much ignored her the first few days, which is exactly what she needed because she was very nervous and wouldn’t look anyone in the eye. It didn’t take her long to become one of the family and she’s the happiest dog we’ve ever seen, always wagging her tail and following Scully everywhere. She’s gotten much more independent and loves to run and play with her many toys. Even if Scully wants to do nothing more than watch (being the old guy that he is), she’s happy to race around him, playing on her own or with us. Our sincere thanks to the wonderful volunteers at GRROWLS who made it all possible

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