Tucker on the Bottom

After our 14-year old Golden, Kelly, died in late July, we decided to adopt a second dog rather than get another puppy.  We adopted Tucker from GRROWLS on September 21, 2002.  He turned 6 four days later.  He was given up by his former family because of a divorce.  The first 24 hours with Tucker and McGinnis were a little hair raising while they decided who was alpha (little did Tucker know that McGinnis has been alpha of ALL of us since he walked in the door at 8 weeks old in 1998).  The next few days they gave each other room, and then they started playing together.  Now it's dangerous walking through the house for fear of getting knocked over by running dogs or tripping on a dog toy.  Tucker has become an integral part of our family.  His tail wags constantly when he's awake, and he and McGinnis have become best friends


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