My name is Beth Glinski.  My mom and I adopted Bean from GRROWLS in January, but he is really my dog. He, his mother, and his seven brothers and sisters were left on the doorstep of a pound in Tennessee. Since the pound was full, as well as all the other golden rescues out that way, they all made the long trip to New York to come into GRROWLS. My house was the second last leg of his journey, so I got the chance to see him and his siblings when they were only 3 weeks old. Well, he went to his foster home and that was that. But, 5 weeks later we received a call to foster a puppy from that litter. We already had a current foster dog, but we accepted it anyways. When he arrived, I couldn't believe he was the same puppy, he had grown so much and was very confident. His name was Peter, and I didn't like that, so my sister and I decided to be creative and named him Beaner. He quickly worked his way into the heart of me and my sister. The day when I brought up the idea of keeping him, my Mom was hesitant but my Dad was very open to the idea. With a little convincing, my Mom caved and she signed the papers. He is now growing quickly and is incredibly intelligent for his young age. He currently knows the tricks spin, spin left, down, sit, stay, come, high five, crawl, wipe your face, how to balance a treat on his nose, retrieve, and roll over. In February he won first place at a contest for best dog trick. He has and older brother and older sister, Missy and Tucker, and many cat, rat, and ferret siblings as well. He has quickly bonded with me and he has become my best friend. I truly don't know what I would do without him


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