It’s been 8 years since I adopted “Big B” from GRROWLS in December, 1998, and they have been 8 years filled with joy, happiness, fun, and sometimes exasperation!  Beethoven’s first mom had to go into a nursing home when he was nearly 6, and he came to me overweight (about 85 pounds), untrained (Sit?  What the heck is that?), and full of mischief.  He is now 13+, a trim 60 pounds, and pretty obedient, but still full of mischief.  While he can no longer jump high enough to get his paws on the counter and steal food—a favorite pastime in days gone by—he can still demand attention with the Golden Paw technique, and he is still very, very interested in food.  He has a stomach of iron; over the years he has eaten a wide variety of things he wasn’t supposed to but he has survived it all and continues to approach life with curiosity, style, and utter joy—although he sleeps more now than he used to!  My life has truly been enriched by Beethoven’s presence in it.  His needs are simple—food, love, exercise, and a comfy place to sleep—but he gives so much back, just by being himself.  Truly, to know him is to love him.  Thank you, GRROWLS, for the gift of Beethoven!

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