In July of 2000 we adopted Cody knowing he would be a handful, and then some. He had issues including not walking on a leash, not responding to his name (we thought he was deaf when we met him), counter surfing for food, “personality” problems, minor health problems, and more. We knew it would take a lot time dedicated to working out the rough spots. 
With a ton of hard work and consistent rules Cody has improved 100% plus since we brought him into our home, he even gets along with our two cats. He is a successful graduate of both beginner and intermediate obedience class. He now knows all the basics, some tough stuff, and responds to us really well. Cody enjoys his daily run at the local park after a long hard day of snoozing while mom & dad are at work. He is very happy, healthy, and energetic. After eight months of being in his new home we continue to enjoy his company, welcome him as part of the family, and hope he is with us for many years to come! 

Thank you GRROWLS for the opportunity on all of our parts.

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