I adopted Conrad Mother's Day weekend 2005. He was fostered by Carole Timmerman near Buffalo.
Conrad was 9 years old in June. He loves attention and even likes going to the Vet because someone is always petting him. We had moderate success with obedience level one and keep working on leash training. He's learned to be a perfect gentleman when I'm getting his food ready. His social skills with other dogs is still a work in progress. At home he's very laid back and just wants to be nearby. He'll lay for hours next to me when I'm reading.
Conrad has learned to chase tennis balls and helps me cultivate the garden.  He jumps a 2 foot garden wall like he was 9 months old. But he's a little bit slower in the morning after that kind of exercise.  His Vet says he's in great shape and we are just working on keeping him healthy as he get older.
I think we make a great pair and find myself taking more Friday's off so we can have long weekends of just hanging out.



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