Our family started fostering Jasmine in March of 2003.  Her former owners turned her in when she was 18 months old because she fought with her sister and she also had cataracts.  When I came home from college for spring break, I fell in love with Jasmine and her sweet disposition the minute I saw her; but I knew she was a foster and she'd end up leaving.  Jasmine's main physical problem was that she was born with mild cataracts.  Because of the risk of them getting worse, GRROWLS figured she would be in foster care with us for a long time until they could find her the right home.  We took her to an eye specialist who said that her cataracts were not too bad right then.  She said they weren't interfering with her vision, but they could mature at any time causing her to go blind, and have to undergo expensive cataract surgery to correct her vision. 

I came home for the summer in May.  After spending every day with Jasmine and realizing how hard it would be to eventually give her up, I decided that I wanted to adopt her despite the risk of her going blind.  So on June 1st, I signed the papers and she was officially mine.  We took her to obedience classes throughout the summer, and eventually I hope to certify her as a Canine Good Citizen.  But for now she spends her days beating up her new brother, Max, and whatever other foster Golden happens to be in the family. 
Amy Smith 


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