It has been over three months since Lily has moved in with us and already, we just can't imagine life without her.  It seems as if since the moment she walked into our door, she knew she was in her forever home.  At nearly 11 years old, she's come to us with lumps and bumps, along with a beautiful white face and legs that do not move as quickly as a young pup, but as the months go by, she becomes stronger everyday.  It is almost as if she isn't aging before our eyes at all, but only getting younger.  When we return home from work, she runs all over our home with such great enthusiasm, and she now easily jumps onto our bed for playtime or to go to sleep with her family.  She greatly enjoys her evening strolls around the neighborhood, now so eager to meet and greet others passing us by.  She also loves the other pets she shares her home with which includes another dog, two cats, and a ferret.  She is as gentle as any soul could ever be with them.  Sharing our lives with Lily has been so wonderful, as it is so obvious how very happy she now is.  It is almost as if she thanks us every time she looks at us with those big beautiful brown eyes.  Although our journey with her will not be a very long one, we will have not one regret when it is time to let our Lily go.  After all, what is most important is the quality of the precious moments we share together with her, not the quantity. 

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