Well, I have been here for a couple months now.  I moved right in.  I learned so much from my new friends, animal and human, that it was easy to feel at home quick.

Ashley is my sister cat.  She taught me to sit in the kitchen, look up at Daddy and smile to get treats.  It works almost every time!  Sometimes Ashley and I sleep together on the waterbed.  She taught me that it's ok to be up there.
Mom and Dad are teaching me how to play football in a big field with the neighborhood kids.  Last week they took me shopping. I think it's my first time at the pet store.  I walked out with new toys and my own big bed (I wonder why they want me to have two beds?)
There are lots of people around here who love me.  My next door neighbor, Jean, comes over every day to let me out when Mom and Dad are at work.  My new Doctor vet is taking good care of me.  Last week he was saying something about "KD re-testing," and my ears.  Now when I see that bottle of ear-cleaner I know what's coming next: RUN!  But when Mom's all done,  boy, do my ears feel better, even if it's a little scary at first.

I love my new home. Everything smells so good! The other day I stole Mom's cupcake. Now they call me a "thief," and laugh.  What's that?  I'm not sure but Mom doesn't leave anything smelling good around for me to grab anymore.   On Sundays, Chris and Menace (his dog) come over all day. We play together, Menace and I.  We eat, watch football, eat some more, and watch movies on the big screen TV. By the end of day Menace and Dad & Chris & I are usually all asleep on the couch with nice full bellies.

I feel so loved and content here, and wish every dog in the world could feel the same way.                                                  
Loved forever in my forever home,                                                    


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