Nikki & Bailey



Hello-Our names are Nikki (left) and Bailey. We came to live with our Mom and Dad in January and February 2006. They had lost their Tearah in November of 2005 and Dooley in 2002, and knew they could not live without a Golden Retriever. Lucky for us, isn’t it! We are both real happy with our Mom and Dad, and are giving them lots of love and stuff to laugh about. And they love us a lot, too. Everyone to really likes us. Our neighbors are great. Even the two legged ones! And you’ll never believe this! They have these things called "grand kids" and are they ever cool! Nikki gets to sleep with them, and they play with me. Life is good! We are really grateful for GRROWLS finding us such a great "forever home", and that we have such a "happy ending". Thanks for visiting us here at "Happy Endings"–Bailey (and Nikki)


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