This is SAMSON,whom we successfully adopted late February. He came in our lives last Thanksgiving as our first Foster. We thought he looked so sweet with those funny little ears, turns out he probably has a bit of Border Collie in him. He was about 2 1/2 at the time, having been found abandoned (in very bad shape) last spring by Animal Control in Rome,NY. We had planned he would stay with us just a few weeks, but being Holiday time, inquiries were slow. He was a handful alright, typical sweet rescue with all the emotional problems attached, not knowing exactly what to do OF us and the house, jumping all over the place like the devil was chasing him, having had some very basic training at best.... The smallest noise on the street still makes him jump out of his skin...

Like the typical scenario, he became very attentive to our training, and also responding to all the love he was receiving, invading our hearts faster than we would realize it! You all know the rest of the story, as it must have happened to many of you! He craves being with people, makes us laugh with his silly ways, and has filled the huge hole left exactly a year ago by the death of our sweet Romeo. So much for our saying many times that we would NEVER own another dog...

Thank you GRROWLS, for giving us this opportunity to help SAMSON! It has also been a two way street! Thank you Sammy !

Cathy/Charles Cook

I have come a long way from the very cold and threatening streets where I was found. Thanks to Grrowls who gave me a new lease on life, a very comfy home, loving and devoted parents, I am coming into my own. Love my new life as my smile will attest! But I am somewhat of an escape artist, I drive my parents crazy as I enjoy sneaking out like a bolt of lightning at any opportunity just to go across the courtyard and steal the tennis balls and then, have THEM chasing after me, HA ! HA ! HA !

Love and licks to all of you, wonderful people ! Here is a poem for all the wonderful GRROWLS Goldens, by J.M. Berry (whoever he or she is)...


Eyes fearful, paws warn

A sorrowful sight

So forlorn

Love they said would be the cure

For the suffering you had endure

So our family grew that day

We brought you home, With us youd stay

Slowly, gently, the bond it grew

Faithful, loyal, Loving, true

Looking back, its so unclear

How we got by, Without you here

Trusted companion, Devoted Friend

You give and give, It never ends

They said we were a gift to you

But now we know WHO RESCUED WHOM

- J.M.Berry

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