Our story begins in September of 2000. We were interested in a puppy but also were interested in rescuing a special puppy. We found GRROWLS. We went through all the interviews and home visits and passed all. When asked what age we were interested in, a puppy of course. Well, as we all know that is very rare. But within a week we got a very exciting call. A golden was rescued and had a litter while with GRROWLS. This was meant to be! And yes it was meant to be. We brought home a beautiful little black Golden mix puppy, Hannah Rose, and were blessed for 8 years. Hannah Rose unfortunately passed with no warning in September 2008. Our family was heart broken. For some reason, I felt like I had to write about her to GRROWLS. She was special to us and I wanted all to know that. Everyone was so sympathetic and understood how special she was to us. One email led to another. One email from Donna said if ever we were interested in helping another dog with a forever home, just let her know. We filled out the application just in case again saying a puppy would be our preference. Well, as before we all know how rare that is. And as before, we got a call within a week with a mixed Golden puppy available. That is unbelievable! Was this meant to be too? Not this time. But I am a firm believer in all things happen for a reason. We already had a home visit scheduled and kept the appointment. Donna, Jennifer and Linus came to our house for a visit. When the conversation came to age preference for our new family member after meeting Linus we had a change of heart on age. After questions and conversation, they said you seem happy with Linus, what if there was a young dog available about a year old? Well, we would consider it but would definitely all have to meet her and all agree. There is a 1 ½ year old little girl available and she is in your area right now. We all decided to go meet her. Everything went so fast! We met Stella with Bob and Karen her wonderful foster parents. How sweet and calm she was. So special she was. She sat with my husband Tom in Bob and Karen’s drive way getting acquainted. The blink of her beautiful soulful eyes of course made it love at first blink! Then our boys – Eric 19 and Andrew 16 - had their first look into those big brown eyes. That was it for them too! She was at her forever home in 2 days! Donna said she thought it was the fastest adoption in GRROWLS history. Stella is doing great. We are still learning about her and her about us. We spoil her as much as we can and give her all the love we can. She is starting to warm up to us and getting into our routine. She now gets excited when the boys come home. She looks for Eric to roughhouse and play and looks to Andrew for the hugs and loving. My husband has a new buddy to hang out with during the day. The couch was always off limits to our other dogs but it seems Stella has a comfy little corner on the couch where she can look out the window when it interests her. She stole our hearts from first sight and continues to make our broken hearts heal a little at a time. The only thing we know is though Hannah Rose can never be replaced in our hearts; there is more than enough room in our hearts for Stella too. We are all very grateful to GRROWLS for finding forever homes for all the dogs but especially for finding us for Stella. We also have to thank all the volunteers from GRROWLS and especially Bob and Karen for taking care of our Stella.
It was all meant to be!


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