Benjamin was adopted by Kevin and Kristin Brennan on January 9, 2003.  Benjamin’s  where-abouts prior to his new home are a bit uncertain, but we do know that he was in a Cortland SPCA at one point, and eventually traveled to Rochester, New York where he was fostered by Mary Thor and her family. 

Kristin and Kevin were looking to save a Golden and supply a very loving home, in addition to finding the perfect fit for their other 1 ½ year old Golden, Jenna.  Jenna, a much loved Golden, overly affectionate Golden, who literally did everything with Kevin and Kristin, was also in need of a playmate who would accept her “princess” behavior, yet share the love she so longed to give to all she encountered. 

When Kevin, Kristin, and Jenna drove the 2-hour drive to Rochester, they had a good feeling.  Once Mary, Ben’s foster mother, introduced the two Goldens, they played with the tennis ball and realized they had a common obsession.  Kevin and Kristin eventually brought Benjamin home and realized that he was far from over his past pain; sensitivity to loud noises and sudden movements, and a lack of  the Goldens’ typical “people infatuation” brought Kevin and Kristin some concern.  However, with ample love, tons of swimming and exercise on Oneida Lake, marrow bones on “treat nights,” and tennis balls galore (we bought 200 tennis balls on the internet for a great discount), Ben became so connected to us that he actually never left our side, especially Kristin’s, who teaches so can spend each summer day with the two dogs on the lake, rafting and ball catching.  His accompanied picture is the epitome of a typical day of swimming with tennis balls in waiting of being fetched. 

He is an absolute amazing addition to the family; never did we conceptualize our lives as being even more fulfilled and full of laughter.  It’s just the four of us, and by all means is Ben an equal; it’s like we never existed without him.  God bless him for allowing us to love him, allowing himself to feel comfortable and finally learning to give kisses as well as his sister, and mostly, for dealing with a very spoiled sister without complaint, and sharing what he has been given.  We love you, Ben, forever and always.



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