Hi, my name is Zackary. I was displaced when I was 5 years old because my human daddy became very ill and couldn't take care of me anymore. I was staying with GRROWLS foster parents when a new human couple came to see me. I wanted to be endearing so the first thing I did when they came was run off to the neighbors house. I thought it would be fun and I love to run. They caught me, finally, and we went back to my foster parents. We had a long talk and then they took me for a walk around the block. The lady gave me lots of hugs and pets. The guy, whom I liked immediately, talked to me, patted me on the head and laughed at my silliness. I knew I had him sold.
When we got to my new home I, smelled "prey" and went to hunt. I tracked down a fat fur ball of a cat. I thought my parents would pleased at how useful I can be and be thrilled that I found it so they could get rid of the varmint. Instead my mom let a terrible screech out of her. It scared me so that I dropped the prize catch of the day. At that point, we all had second thoughts about my staying.

It's been a year now. My parents love me and I love them. We spend lots of time together. Dad plays ball with me and takes me for rides almost everywhere he goes. Mom snuggles with me and takes me for long walks to Gramma's house. They give me almost anything I want.  Mom, about that cat. Other than that little inconvenience, we are happy. Mom says I'm a work in progress.


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